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Colors: walnut / waple
Product Size:61 x 20 x 11mm
Colors: Walnut / Maple
Product Size:54.9mm x 26.0mm x 9.8mm
Name:USB-W010 Green Eco USB
Colors: Bamboo or Wood
Product Size:61*28* 11mm
Name:Wood Eco Swing-Out USB Drive
Colors: Maple,Walnut,Roswood
Product Size:2 5/8 inch long
Name:USB-W012 Bamboo USB Flash Drive
Colors: Bamboo and Wood
Product Size:61*28* 11mm
Name:USB-W08 Recycled Paper USB Drive
Colors: Recycled Paper USB Drive
Product Size:2 3/8 long
Name:Promotional USB Drive with Pull/Push Design, Solid
Colors: customise color
Product Size:
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